Ground turkey and frozen vegetables with a few Asian accents makes a quick, healthy dinner for two and it is yummy!

              1/3 lb ground turkey   You can use any ground meat that you like,
                                                  look for the leanest option to keep your saturated fat intake down. 
                                                  Tempeh also works well in this recipe, follow the nutritional
                                                  info for portion size.   
              12 to 16 oz package of a frozen vegetable combo 
                                                  I usually choose a mix with 3-4 different non-starchy vegetables.
                                                  Frozen vegetables work especially well in this dish and allow you
                                                   to eat out of to add to your variety.
                                                  Corn and peas work fine, but they will increase the carbohydrate load.
              2-3 cloves of garlic       Garlic should be sliced and allowed to sit 5-10 minutes before
                                                  you co maximum health benefits. If you love garlic you can
                                                  put some in near the end of cooking.
              1 inch piece of ginger grated     
                                                  Ginger that is grated does not need to be peeled and
                                                  as with garlic you can use more or save some for the end
                                                  of cooking to increase the flavor.
              handful of fresh shiitake mushrooms with stems removed and sliced about an 1/8 inch  
                                                   Shiitakes are in season in the fall and winter, but they are available
                                                   in most areas year round.  Dried ones can be reconstituted
                                                   by pouring boiling water over them  and letting them soak until soft,
                                                   but please use them sparingly after blotting them dry. Dried shiitakes
                                                   have a stronger taste and can over power a dish quite easily.
               Miran 1/4 cup or to taste
                                                    Mirin is sweet rice wine and is a common flavoring used in Japanese   
                                                    cooking. If you do not want to use wine in your food apple cider is a 
                                                    good substitute.  Water the cider down a bit if you are using an
                                                    unfiltered brand. Mirin is usually  found in the Asian food area of
                                                    your market or with the vinegars.
                Coconut  oil 1-2 tsp      You can use any medium heat oil like olive or grape-seed, but I love
                                                     the subtle coconut flavor the oil imparts. You can use cooking spray
                                                     as well because this oil is used to start the aromatics cooking.                  
                                                     You may need more oil spray if you add onions or jalapenos.
                                                     Don't overload the oil up front
                                                     because the meat will add some fat to the dish as well.
                Soy sauce to taste
                Options                       1/3 small yellow onion chopped to cook with garlic and ginger
                                                   finely diced jalapeno to taste, if you love spicy food (I do!)
                                                   green onions chopped for garnish, I only use the green ends
                                                   cilantro chopped or individual leaves for garnish
                                                   sesame seeds sprinkled as garnish 
                                                   drop or 2 of toasted sesame oil -careful a little goes along way!
              You will need a medium sized frying pan or wok with a lid.
              I use a cast iron pan which works fine and increases iron in your diet= freeby!

 Put the oil in the pan on medium heat and add the garlic and ginger ( onions and jalapenos here as well if
 Cook 2-3 minutes stirring once or twice then add the ground turkey and cook until all of the meat is browned.
 Add in the shiitakes and stir until  ingredients are well mixed, allow to cook for 3-5 minutes until the mushrooms 
 begin to soften. 
 Next add the frozen vegetables, the Mirin and soy sauce  (this is where you add garlic, ginger and 
 jalapenos that were held back for increased flavor) stir to incorporate and cover with lid.
 Cook for another 5-7minutes or until all of vegetables are warmed and most of the liquid has evaporated.
 Turn off the heat and let rest for 2-3 minutes before serving. Garnish as desired. 
              Serves 2 with a 2.6 oz serving of meat and 2+ servings of vegetables per serving.
              I usually eat this as is, but it is well complimented by adding a serving of whole grains like brown rice or
 quinoa.  If your grains are day old you can add them in with the frozen vegetables, adding a bit of water or
 more Mirin to compensate for the grains absorption factor. You want a bit of the liquid to remain at the end of
                                Up next: Green and Yellow Veggie Enchilada Casserole

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